#PIP: Positively Impacting People | #ITF: I am thankful for.

We take great pride in giving back to the community through PIP, our philanthropic campaign at Neatbeat. We serve and support many charities within our community, especially those centered around women and children and empowering them with the motivation and resources that are needed to be self sustainable.

In addition to donating our time and resources to a variety of charities throughout the year, we have designed two programs dedicated to giving back to our community.


The Artist PIP of the Month allows for one artist each month pick from donations received at the the salon. The Artist also gets to decide where to send a $50 gift basket of products or a $50 gift card.

The Community PIP Partnership is a quarterly project where we support a charity/organization for a full three months. We mastermind with them to decide how we can make the greatest impact within their business. We want to offer everything from our time, resources and finances.

Our Neatbeat Brigade is incredibly passionate about being servants and givers at heart. If you would like get involved and/or for your charity or organization to be considered, please fill out the form below with PIP Partnership in the subject line!