Attitude of Gratitude (that might sound cheesy, but I don’t care)

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By a show of hands, how many of us have ever caught ourselves alone with our thoughts, whether it’s when you’re driving to work, enjoying coffee on the porch, walking your dogs on a gorgeous day or standing in your kitchen cooking dinner, and you’ve become so overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for everything in your life that you get a little emotional about it (okay, so maybe you cry about it)?

Good, and just so you know, I raised my hand, too.

Of all of the Brigaders, I’m definitely not the first to start crying in the group. But, every once in a while I’ll find myself counting my blessings, in the middle of beautiful day or a not-so-perfect day, and I can’t control the overwhelming emotions when I think of all the #goodgood that I have been given in this life.


I still remember all of the time that I spent praying and I never want to take the relationships or my talents or the opportunities I have in my life for granted or not give appropriate credit and gratitude to everything that fills my cup. Which, can be easy to do, without realizing that you’re even doing it.


The act of being #grateful helps keep me focused and keeps my heart in check. It helps me to appreciate people in my life even more and realize everything that they bring to the table. It encourages me to use the talents and resources I have to be successful. And it reminds me that at the end of the day, I have the necessities that I need to have a really good life; amazing friends and family, a safe places to call home, food in my fridge and clothes in my closet.

So, each day, I make it a point to practice being grateful, because it’s something I think you have to work on each and every day.

ITF Notebook

If you come into my house on a normal day, there’s a good chance your gonna see a hot pink flamingo notebook sitting in my kitchen, where every morning I drink my coffee and write down things that I’m thankful for. I’m sure you’ve heard Heather Yurko talk about this a million times, but I promise you it works and it makes such a huge difference in how the rest of your day goes!


Sometimes I write down things that have happened, different people and relationships, sometimes I’m thankful for things that I’m working on or that I want to happen in the future and other times I write down conversations that I’ve had or advice that people have given me that I want to remember. Regardless if it’s one thing or ten, the act of physically writing what I’m thankful for helps keep the rest of the day in perspective.

Did you get stuck in terrible traffic on the way to work this morning? Oh, that’s okay, because you get to go home to a super fluffy, funny puppy who just loves you so much!

Love Notes

This is my favvvve-orite! First of all, snail mail is so underrated these days. I absolutely love when people send me mail! And even more, I love sending snail mail!


I always keep blank cards and stamps at home. That way, whenever I feel the need to, I can write up a little love note and send it to someone special! Now, these love notes aren’t always to say “THANKS FOR DOING SOMETHING FOR ME!” but sometimes it’s to say “You’re such a good friend” or “Hey, I know you’re going through some stuff but I really love you and think you’re awesome” or “Hi, thank you for inspiring me by cultivating a killer lifestyle”.

You never know what these love notes might mean to someone. For example, a faraway friend received a diagnosis with a terrible disease that she would have to manage for the rest of her life. Rather than sending her a text or an email, I wrote her a note letting her know that she inspires every day as I watch her overcome adversity and continue being a boss, running her own business. After receiving my note, she emailed me the next day and said “Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to let me know how much I’ve inspired you. I don’t know that anyone has ever done that for me! I’m going to frame your letter and put it in my office as a reminder that everything I do is inspiring someone else whether I see it first hand or not. Thank you!”

I might have cried a little when I got her response….

Remembering to Say Thank You (and giving real hugs)

Okay, so that sounds super easy and you’re probably like “well, duh, you’re supposed to do that anyway…”

But how often do we accidentally forget to thank people for something that they’ve done for us? Whether it’s thanking your best friend for reminding you what true loyalty is or your co-worker for making you laugh so hard you cried or your boss for taking time to talk one on one with you and give you some really good feedback or your momma for reminding you to use your Kroger points before the end of the month…all things that sometimes we forget to tell people we’re really thankful for.


And real hugs. Okay, so for a really long time, I wasn’t a hugger; hugs were weird, uncomfortable and had the potential to be super awkward. That was until, I can’t remember exactly what had happened that day but it was  really hard day for me, and one of my friends (not a super close friend either, just someone the I’d chat with at the gym, when we saw each other) came up to me that day and wrapped me up in the biggest most sincere hug and told me she was sorry for whatever was going on with my day. I turned into a puddle. A little, baby puddle of tears. Who knew that a big two armed hug held so much power.

Now, it’s nothing for me to run up to a friend or someone I hadn’t seen in forever or even someone that I meeting for the first time and give them a huge hug. Just because I want them to know how happy I am to see them and have the time to spend with them!



Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what things we have, how much money is in our bank account or what title we have at our job. What matters are the people we roll, the company we keep and relationships that we nurture.

Try adding some of these practices to your life. I promise, you won’t be disappointed :)


That PIPn Kind of Love

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Think of last time that someone gave you a compliment; I mean like a real sincere compliment, whether it was about your hair, your outfit or telling you what a great job you did on a certain project.

Remember how that made you feel?

Think of the last time someone did something nice for you, when maybe they didn’t have to. Did they hold a door open for you when it was raining? Pay for your coffee? Surprise you with a FaceTime date when you had a rough day or while you’re out of town? Leave you a hand written note wishing you the #BestDayEver?

Remember how that made you feel?

Now, think of the last time that someone told you how thankful they were for you, how grateful they were to have you in their corner or how much they appreciate your help or your willingness to be their person or their sounding board.

Remember how that made you feel?

Those feelings that you just felt, all over again, even after the moment has passed, that’s the reason that we love PIP and the reason that we choose to live this lifestyle every day. PIPn impacts and affects people long after the moment has passed or the day is over.

The feelings a person has when they’ve been PIPd never go away.


As avid PIPers we make it a point to spread love and goodness as thick as we would spread Nutella, because we realize what a difference it can make in someone’s day, week, month or year. And the great thing about PIPn?

PIPn doesn’t cost you a single thing.

Let me elaborate.

Okay, yea, so you decided to pay for the person behind you at the drive through and they ordered 4 Trinta Double Whip Latte’s with an Extra Shot…but did you look through your rearview mirror and catch them frantically waving “thank you” and smiling from ear to ear?

You had to pay for the postage when you sent a card to someone in the mail…but remember that huge, good, two-armed hug they wrapped you in the next time they saw you because that little card made their not-so-awesome day a bazillion times better?

You held the door open for the person walking behind you when it was raining and you got stuck outside a little bit…but remember the smile and most sincere “thank you” they gave you?

PIPn pays YOU. Because just as awesome as it feels to be PIPd, it feels even more amazing, rejuvenating and rewarding when you do the PIPn.

That’s why we choose to spread love through PIP. Every day. Every month. Every year. It’s a lifestyle.

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One of my most favorite quotes from one of the nicest, funniest gals on TV, Ellen DeGeneres,

“I have to say, it’s a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another. That’s the point of being a human.”

We wanna know how YOU #PIP! Spread some PIPn goodness this month and snap a picture of it or yourself, tag us in your pic on Instagram so we can share and re-post your story. Anyone who shares their #PIP story with us by February 29th will be entered to win some fun products and Neatbeat swag!



How important is your happiness now?

How important is your happiness now?

Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration

In 2015, I have committed to reading a book a week so I have decided that my next few blogs until the launch of The PIP Stop, will be some really cool content from the books that I have read. Below is from Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage, a fantastic book that my bosscat mentor Melissa Hooker referred to me.



Heres an interesting study:

One of the most famous studies on happiness comes from the old diaries of 180 catholic nuns from Notre Dome. They were all born before 1917 and asked to write down journal entries and biographies of their lives. More than 5 decades later a group of researches decided to code the entries for positive emotional content.

Was it possible that there happiness and positive minds as 20 somethings could be an indicator for how the rest of their lives turned out?

Now you already know the answer, if I’m doing a whole blog on it.


Get this. The nuns that had journal entries of incredibly joyful moments throughout their time in writing, lived nearly 10 years longer than the nuns whose entries were negative OR EVEN neutral.

By age 85, 90% of the happiest nuns were still alive compared to only 34% of the least happy sisters. The nuns that were happiest lived healthy, comfortable lifestyles. Coincidence? I think not. All the indicators of their fulfilled lives point to how happy they were through all these decades.

Happiness can improve our physical health, which helps us work longer, more efficiently and smarter. That makes us more likely to succeed.

You being happy right now, affects so many avenues of your life. I don’t necessarily need the science to show me because I believe it from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, but if you need it, definitely check this book out!







I thought I’d fail… pt 2

I thought I’d fail… pt 2

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I woke up filled with incredible inspiration in me on Thanksgiving this year. Andy was in Bardstown with Mia Clair (our baby girl aka dog) already and I was gonna use the morning to work and then drive up later. This is not typical for us on Thanksgiving, we typically make coffee and breakfast together and watch the parade, I was a little worried I’d be bummed because they weren’t with me but instead the good vibes were seriously flowing!


Just as I was finishing up working, I heard my phone go off with a text message, I grabbed it and saw this:


FullSizeRender 2


Can you see where this is headed? In last weeks post, I told you how stressed I was about raising all the money I needed for New York and 63 hours before my freaking campaign ends, my cousin sends me this.

As soon as I read this I dropped the phone. I stood still in my silent house and felt a feeling of extraordinary grace fall over me. I. could. not. move. I was stuck, literally. I felt my heartbeat over and over again and every hair on me was standing on end. I will never, in my entire lifetime forget this moment. I haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting my cousins boyfriend and for this type of kindness to be shown to me by a complete stranger was the most inspiring thing ever done to me.

So, the next day (even before the deadline) my my cousin Blair and her boyfriend Ry, put $1,600 in my crowd funding page for the rest of the money I needed for my trip.

I could type away for days about everything I learned during this small journey. The teachings are endless. Ill briefly go through them:

1. Once you put your goal out there, stop at nothing to make it happen… even when you have no clue how in the world how you can accomplish it

2. But even more important, believe like hell that it will happen. I even put goals in my calendar on my phone and set alerts on them for dates I wanted to acquire a certain amount of money. On November 16, one popped up that said:



3. Now, I clearly didn’t have all the $3,000 in donations that I needed on Nov. 16 but I still kept believing. I visualized my campaign saying I have completed 100% of my goal and I visualized it saying $3,000. (shout out to Napolean Hill for teaching me this stuff that changed my life when I was 19)

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.11.24 AM

Now how cool is that? OVER the goal!


4. Don’t lose faith.  I knew that God would provide. He told me so when I got accepted into the bootcamp. Why would He bring me this far and then not assist me in getting the money needed to go. (Now if that did happen, it would be because He’s got good reason) So when I got that text message on Thanksgiving morning, I couldn’t believe that God had pulled this off. I mean I could but I couldn’t!!!!!!!!! I thought to myself “DDAAANNNGGG, your good! 2 days before my campaign ends and you made a way!”  I’ll always keep faith because He can do anything!

5. Now this one was the coolest and it’s a little tough for me to explain into words, so bare with me. I get PIPd all the time. I PIP all the time. But I have never ever been PIPd like this. When I say I needed that money, it’s true. I wanted to prove to myself that I could pull off something so uncomfortable for me, but after it was done, what inspired me the most wasn’t necessarily the “tangibility” (is that a word?) but the fact that someone, a stranger that is, donated so much out of the kindness of his heart. It had A LOT to do with the bigness of the PIP too.

After seeing what a big PIP like this is cable of doing to someones soul, I have become relentless in showing the world how awesome PIP, Positively Impacting People is. There is a fire in me that wasn’t there before, if my own passion project can have this affect on me, what can it do for someone else?!?!!?!?

I write this blog with the deepest of passions. The grace and kindness that was shown to me through the people that donated, especially Blair and Ry, has taught me so much. I am better, stronger, more capable and on my way to my beautiful purpose even more because of this experience. My cup runneth over:)










I thought I’d fail… big. Part 1

I thought I’d fail… big. Part 1

Goals Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration

I read a killer book this summer that had me at tears before I even got to the first page. The author is so real in her writing, which made me like her even more.. when I blog, I don’t want it all fancy schmancy.. I want you to feel my southern rooted personality, my mistakes, my victories and my awesome, normal life.


After finishing the book I started following her on Instagram. I was on my way home from work one day and she posted about a Bootcamp, 5 days in New York City in December. The only catch was you had to apply and she was only choosing 50 entrepreneurs or “doers” to attend this life changing event.

Long story short, I sped home, took 3 hours to do the application along with a short 2 minute video on why I thought they should pick me and and then I had to wait for the response. I was emailed a few weeks later. I had got into the camp. I was pumped. The camps tuition is $2,000 and they recommended that I set up a crowd funding page on Indiegogo, (you can check out my campaign here) to raise funds to help me pay for tuition, flight and my apartment. I set my goal at 3k.

This is where I really want you to hear this. The entire 40 days (thats how long the campaign was) I was so uncomfortable. This is not in my nature, and honestly I’m sure it’s not in yours either. Who in the heck enjoys asking for money?

The key is, I put myself in a position to have to ask for the money and once I made that campaign public…. I had to do what I had to do to get $3,000. The entire time, I kept Praying, Visulaizing, and being thankful in my PIP book for hitting my goal. (<<< that right there…. the key to it all) But two days before the campaign ended I had only raised $1,400. Instead of me going to the victim role and feeling like no one believed in me or they didn’t want to give their money, I knew it was my own fault. I should have tried harder. I felt uncomfortable asking for money???? Well, I needed to feel more uncomfortable then because Greatness doesn’t happen in comfort zones. If I didn’t hit my goal, it no ones fault but my own.

AAAhhhhhhhh, one of the best lines from one of my favorite movies.

I don’t bow out of anything gracefully so the week my campaign was ending I had scheduled in my calendar (with alerts that popped up and reminded me) 4 more Facebook and Instagram posts that were so heartfelt and I strategically placed and timed them for maximum donations. (hopefully) No matter how hard it was, I would finish strong and not give up! (Something my momma taught me….. such a boss move)

Within two days of my campaign ending, I hit over $3,000.  I can’t wait to share with you how it happened and what the whole experience taught me but because this is getting a little lengthy, part 2 will come to you next Friday!

It’s important for me to share with you that no matter how hard something looks, no matter how scary it is, if you want it bad enough… you have to tread those waters. Out of the most vulnerable and week situations, God shows his grace to us in ways that will bring us to our knees.

Walk through it. Enjoy as much as you can. And look for the bigger picture, you are so much more than your current circumstance.




A few things to know by Terri Morgan

A few things to know by Terri Morgan

Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration

I woke up yesterday morning and saw that my dear friend Terri (also a pretty blonde artist at Neatbeat) made a blog. Now if you know Terri well, this just doesn’t sound like her. I clicked on it and as I read through it two things came to mind. 1. She is pretty good with her words (she’s good at a lot of things) and 2. These are fantastic points that I think many people need to hear right about now.

Terri has been through a whole lot in her short lifetime and these 3 niblets of subtle but yet life changing advice ring so true and near to my heart. I hope you find the inspiration and satisfaction that I did in her writing. She has made bold choices, even when others would ridicule and tarnish her name, she was steadfast with what was true to her heart even if it didn’t look like such a hot move from the outside.

Cheers to you Terri, for becoming your own woman and speaking out. Ill step out with a quote that is so killer.

“They stay out late, they call each other at unexpected times, they give each other’s crazy ideas a place to grow. They make their own rules and then they break them. They push the envelope, they were big boots, they grab onto the things they want and never let them go.”

“We all experience tons of emotions daily. Happy, sad, mad, depressed, joyful, etc. We all however, are faced with tough decisions in life that bring out that gut wrenching, heart dropping, breath taking fear. Whether it is getting out of a relationship, quitting a job, having a extremely “real” heart-to-heart with a family member or loved one and you can just feel the emotion bubbling over. In these times I have learned a few very important things;

1. Do NOT back down!! Now I know this paralyzing fear all to well . . . What will the say? How will they react? What will others think about my decision? My best advice is do what you know in your heart is right for you. I’m not talking about what your mother says is right or what your best girl friend tells you is right. I am talking about deep down in your soul what you have known to be right for a while but didn’t want to face the fact of having to make this difficult decision. In every instance where this fear has been part of my life I have battled and fought against it to stay passive and not “rock the boat” and the only result that ever got me was pro longed, unnecessary agony. If you can just embrace the short, temporary moment of discomfort and tension you will soon be set free!


2. It is NEVER as crucial as you think it is at the time. In every deep, critical decision I have ever made I have realized just that, it’s NOT that critical. As human beings I feel like we all have a deep desire for stability, most of us hate change. However, if you are getting a huge pit in your stomach about a certain situation most of the time that is your greatest indicator that change is necessary. You will survive! Quitting that job, ending that relationship, it’s not the end of the world. There are tons of job opportunities, tons of single people out there that may just be the soul mate you are meant to be with, but as long as you avoid change you will NEVER allow yourself the chance to find out.

3. You OWE it to yourself! For the longest time I always had a feeling of putting others first, worrying about others happiness and never feeling worthy to make my feelings top priority. I felt like it was extremely self-absorbed to be so concerned with how I felt. I was so wrong! It is ridiculous to sit around being depressed, miserable, and unhappy. People appreciate being around others that are caring and kind but also can love them self. People who aren’t afraid to say “You know what? That doesn’t work for me.”
“I only deserve the best!” Because I promise you if you do NOT believe in yourself and that you deserve all good things you will always have mediocre. You will have what others feel like giving you because you were to afraid to reach out and take what you truly wanted. Stay strong, believe in yourself!


Only the best,

August 22 is here!

August 22 is here!

Good Vibrations Blog Healthy Living Inspiration

I am so excited for tomorrow. If you remember my blog about 3 months ago, Join us until August 22, Dani, Sam and I let the world know (so we couldn’t turn back) that we were committing to an intense three month workout regimen.

photo 1
Day 1
Day 1

I hadn’t worked out consistently in about three years and had no endurance or stamina AT ALL. I was also super nervous about committing to this new schedule four days a week at 7:30 am, but I put it in my calendar. We all took off work for August 22 and said we would reward ourselves on that day for all of our hard work… all the while enjoying our pretty, strong bodies!

photo 2
Getting ready for abs :)
Day 120

We did our last 7:30 am workout this morning and tomorrow we will go to my FAVORITE class in the world: Power Hour. Then we have plans to do brunch at Wild Eggs, spend the rest of the day at Woodhaven pool to relax, have fun, and eat whatever and whenever we want.

So Much Fun

This experience with my beautiful friends has been so stinking fun. The coolest part is we all stuck through to the end and what started out as a 4 day a week commitment shifted at about week 5 to a 6 day a week commitment. We became obsessed with the gym and running that they became a top priority in all of our lives. We have never been stronger or felt as fantastic about the way we look… probably in our entire lives.

The night of our Partaaaay! See that gash on Danis right leg? She cracked it on box jumps one day… we were down a man that work out!
Ready, Set, GO!

I encourage you to find a group of girls who wants to dedicate to a change. Start small and then grow with your workouts and how often you’re training. When a woman is happy with the way she looks, she can do anything. I want everyone to feel the way the three of us feel now. A sense of accomplishment and pride fulfills us.

4 miles with 450yd dash at 2 miles
4 miles with 450yd dash at 2 miles

If you want a look at our meal plans and our workout just comment below and we can send you some info!


Our First National Publication

Our First National Publication

Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration ITF Wedding
I had just sat down to watch Vampire Diaries, eat my veggie burger in my favorite pajamas when I got the text. Tuesday night around 9:30 my friend Jaclyn Journey, an AMAZING flower artist in Louisville, messaged me asking if I had seen the latest issue of Brides Magazine.
Then she sent this picture
I was super excited thinking it was a cool local magazine, which would have been great too.
Then she sent me this picture
Bridal Magazine
At this point, the bold red lettering “In America” still didn’t register for me.
Then she sent this picture
Brides Cover
Then it hit me. It took Ciara being on the front cover for me to realize, this is real. This is nationwide. And people are taking notice of our hard, hardhard work. They separated the salons across the country by 4 regions and in bold lettering I read, “The South” and WE ARE THE ONLY SALON IN THE STATE OF KENTUCKY. (My heart is still fluttering even typing that)
Then I freaked out!!!!! I immediately took a video of myself and uploaded it to our private Neatbeat Facebook group (that only the Brigade has access to) and help my phone up to the camera on my Mac book so they could see for themselves. I was filled with passion, excitement, gratitude and hope. One by one and it only took about 30 seconds for everyone to respond and my phone was going crazy.
My almost favorite thing about the scenario, was the fact that EACH one of my girls, had such a sense of pride about this. Every single one of them was incredibly excited and our sweet spot Em J (Emily) even ran to the store to get a copy as soon as she got the message. They were just as excited as I was and as their leader, you only want a team who is as passionate as you.
This goes to the girls that make stuff like this happen. They are incredible and sent to me on purpose and for very specific reasons. We will make history together and my wildest dreams are to lead women through PIP. I believe we are on our way.
A deep gratitude goes to Brides Magazine, for recognizing our hard work. We got super creative with the way our “Going to the Chapel” (what we call our wedding parties) looked like and it’s nice to know that people appreciate it. We are even more inspired to go above and beyond on the big day for ladies and everyday for our Groupies because of this.
And to you Jaclyn Journey, for being the talented flower boss that you are, much love girlfriend!

3 awesome ways to have Happy Days plus Bonus Printable!

Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration ITF PIP

I was just having a conversation with one of my totally cool, selfless, down to earth, and hardworking guests Chrissy (can you tell I really like this woman?) and we were talking about finding the good in all situations. I have always believed that when you are faced with a scenario, you have the choice to seek the good or the bad. AND when we take action with something, we can act out of love or fear. Thats it. Four different scenarios in this life and choosing one over the other results in two drastically different outcomes.

Which got me thinking, what do I do for my soul to set myself up to choose the good, and act out of love? Which in turn, creates a very happy life. The answers came so easily for me because I have rituals that I don’t skimp on, they are done ALL the time, which results in an incredibly happy and humble life.

1. Gratitude. Write it Down. Now this is at the top of the list for a reason. Gratitude changed my life in 2007. I learned it on such a deep level and to have this appreciation for ALL things that come into your life makes every situation easier. When something real crappy happens to me, I am thankful. When something really fantastic happens to me, I am thankful. And ya know what? Not a lot of crappy things happen to me:) and I am so thankful for that!!!

Below is the insert that we put on the front inside cover of every single PIP Book we gave away the night of our Partaay. My wish is that all our Groupies take note and adopt this life changing action!

PIP book insert Final

2. PIP. I was walking walking into Kroger about two weeks ago and there was an older couple walking out. The woman looked STUNNING. She had on a pretty peach flowing dress, her hair looked something like Marilyn Monroe, jus the right touch of jewelry and she walking with her arms wrapped in her husbands. She just looked so pretty. I couldn’t help myself and before I knew it, I was yelling across the parking lot, (I’m easily 50 ft away from her) “You look so beautiful today!!!” Her reaction was so cool, she couldn’t believe I was talking to her and she said thank you two times in a row! Going out of your way to make someone else feel very special, makes your heart happy. It just does.


3. Wake up. Be Quiet. This is what I’d like to call a double whammy. It is proven, over and over again that when you wakeup at least 1-2 hours before you need to start your daily activities that you have a more productive, less chaotic day. In early January this year, I was laying in bed reading a blog from Entrepreneur magazine that talked about the difference between Successful people and Unsuccessful people. As I read I was happy to find out I had many traits of the Successful except for watching too much Tv and I love Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, SOA, The Walking Dead and The Originals to be changing any of that…. that’s just non negotiable. The one thing I did want to change was the time I woke up. I used to jump out of bed at the last second, leaving just enough time for me to hop in the shower and get ready before I left the house. Since January, I have consistently woke up at 7 am to do my morning rituals and the ease on my energy and brain that early has made all the difference. The rest of the day just flows so much smoother.

*On to the Be Quiet part. I know this can be tough for those of you who don’t practice now but closing your eyes and sitting in silence for at least 5 minutes is so important. If you have no clue how to do it, count your breaths, if you lose count, start over. (I learned that in a Deepok Chopra and Oprah course)

 FREEBIE! Below, I have a free printable for you to print out, maybe frame and put somewhere that you can see every morning! You can choose from black or white:)


Grab it here in black!

Grab it here in white!

A Big Ole Thank You

Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration ITF PIP

I woke up last Friday morning, around 3 am thinking about the day that had finally come. I made coffee and sat on my couch, wrote down some things I was thankful for and then the gratitude starting to flood in….. literally.

I have waited for the day of the Grand Opening to my salon  f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  it seems like and as I sat there in my living room in the small “cozy” apartment that I live in, I thought about all the people that helped me get this far. As I thought of my best friend Terbear, I got so emotional I went into the hiccup cry!! The loyalty, love and friendship that she provides my life with is a DIRECT enhancement to the success of myself and Neatbeat.

photo 2

I was excited and calm all day but in the back of my mind my biggest fear was of no one showing up. As I got to the salon, some girls were there frantically gathering  last minute details to the partaay, my family was there and I began to breathe. The people that I loved most where the ones that WERE there, making sure the night would go exactly the way I had specifically explained for months.

The Brigade brought me into our break room and had some killer surprises planned out for me, we were all emotional and filled with love, respect honor and loyalty…… these are ingredients that build an empire and leave a legacy.

They made me this little video the morning of the Partaay, I just love it so much.

One thing I know for sure is this: I have the best. My team, the Neatbeat Brigade is hands down and hand selected a team of Champions. We only have the best… the best hearts, the best motives, the most compassion. I thank God so often when I think of the 10 girls that make up the best salon in America.

A few more points that I wanna touch on before I wrap it up with Good Vibes for this week. One of my favorite parts of the night was when me and Terri were standing by the door and she looked at me and said “Look at this, this is only the beginning.” At that moment there were people EVERYWHERE, I felt so alive and humbled in the truth of her statement… she was right, if this was only the beginning………. where in the world are we headed?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

photo 1

P.S  You will see that Good Vibes is brought to you by a new fancy shmancy Neatbeat Style Website! Please browse around and get to know us better!