3 tricks to looking prettier

3 tricks to looking prettier

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I am so sure about this blog post that I know you’ll have to agree. Im a girly girl, I love anything makeup, hair, clothes, good aromas and all things to make me feel beautiful.

It surprises me how many women that aren’t familiar with little secrets of the beauty world and I know it’s not because they don’t put this as a priority but typically it has something to do with time or they just simply aren’t aware. Rest easy now girl, this will help you tremendously. Below are three rituals that I do on an extremely consistent basis and you should try them,even if you’re having an ugly day.


1. Eye Lash Extensions. These are the bomb.com. These will instantly make you look amazing and feel prettier. Now, if you have never wore them before don’t be scared, our Emily  is Xtreme Lash Certified and is an expert with these lashes to ensure the perfect application that doesn’t harm your natural lash. < big deal.

*If you can’t come in to get the real deal, you can purchase false strip lashes for one night. We apply them in about 15 minutes and then you’re out the door! These are pretty great too, they just don’t last like the Xtreme Eyelash Extensions. If you want anymore info on these services or a tutorial, comment below. We will make that happen!



2.  Great Lengths Extensions.  No brainer. No brainer. No brainer. In fact, I believe in this so much (because I wear them every. single. day) that if you watch the videos on our website, we will offer a free haircut ($53 value) and Blowout ($40 value) if you book an extension service. These could change your life!

*Mention this blog post when calling for your consultation!


3. Spray Tan Oh so dear to my heart. I get a spray tan once a week at Sun Tan City. I feel AMAZING every single time I do this. You look WAY prettier than normal, your skin feels smooth and you look younger. What is not to like about that?!? I know what you are already thinking if you have never had on before….. orange factor. If you go to a legitimate business, you will not feel orange. Trust me on this one ladies….. and gents too- some of y’all are a little pasty- a spray tan won’t kill you!

These three awesome tips will rock your world. If you are scared or unsure on any of these, please let me know.. I can and will help you every step of the way. You deserve to spice stuff up!


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