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Think of last time that someone gave you a compliment; I mean like a real sincere compliment, whether it was about your hair, your outfit or telling you what a great job you did on a certain project.

Remember how that made you feel?

Think of the last time someone did something nice for you, when maybe they didn’t have to. Did they hold a door open for you when it was raining? Pay for your coffee? Surprise you with a FaceTime date when you had a rough day or while you’re out of town? Leave you a hand written note wishing you the #BestDayEver?

Remember how that made you feel?

Now, think of the last time that someone told you how thankful they were for you, how grateful they were to have you in their corner or how much they appreciate your help or your willingness to be their person or their sounding board.

Remember how that made you feel?

Those feelings that you just felt, all over again, even after the moment has passed, that’s the reason that we love PIP and the reason that we choose to live this lifestyle every day. PIPn impacts and affects people long after the moment has passed or the day is over.

The feelings a person has when they’ve been PIPd never go away.


As avid PIPers we make it a point to spread love and goodness as thick as we would spread Nutella, because we realize what a difference it can make in someone’s day, week, month or year. And the great thing about PIPn?

PIPn doesn’t cost you a single thing.

Let me elaborate.

Okay, yea, so you decided to pay for the person behind you at the drive through and they ordered 4 Trinta Double Whip Latte’s with an Extra Shot…but did you look through your rearview mirror and catch them frantically waving “thank you” and smiling from ear to ear?

You had to pay for the postage when you sent a card to someone in the mail…but remember that huge, good, two-armed hug they wrapped you in the next time they saw you because that little card made their not-so-awesome day a bazillion times better?

You held the door open for the person walking behind you when it was raining and you got stuck outside a little bit…but remember the smile and most sincere “thank you” they gave you?

PIPn pays YOU. Because just as awesome as it feels to be PIPd, it feels even more amazing, rejuvenating and rewarding when you do the PIPn.

That’s why we choose to spread love through PIP. Every day. Every month. Every year. It’s a lifestyle.

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One of my most favorite quotes from one of the nicest, funniest gals on TV, Ellen DeGeneres,

“I have to say, it’s a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another. That’s the point of being a human.”

We wanna know how YOU #PIP! Spread some PIPn goodness this month and snap a picture of it or yourself, tag us in your pic on Instagram so we can share and re-post your story. Anyone who shares their #PIP story with us by February 29th will be entered to win some fun products and Neatbeat swag!



Hola 2015

Hola 2015

Goals ITF

Wow. I woke up this morning not knowing what todays blog would be about. In the new year we are talking about goals, incentives and changing habits and I can so get down with that stuff, I also, have a couple of my own. But I suddenly remembered a blog I did last January 1st, Well Helllerrr 2014!

Wow again. I remember exactly one year ago so vividly. Do you? I, maybe like you am going through some of the most pivotal years of my life and I try to soak in every single detail whether it be positive or a learning curve.

After reading last years blog, I really just wanted to reflect and feel gratitude. Wanna join me?


2014 was a killer year, We moved into The Palace and said goodbye to those HUMBLE beginnings, (remember, like Marie Forleo says, starting small and sucky doesn’t mean staying small and sucky) Andy and I bought a house AND I started implementing action into my new business, The Heather Yurko Brand (which I am so excited for I can barely contain it)


What were your milestones in 2014? Just for a moment, close your eyes and FEEL the real gratitude for having those moments in your life. When you have gratitude like this, it cultivates a spark that brings about more amazing milestones like this!

Then I like to feel gratitude for the moments that almost made me throw up in my bed at 5:30 am when I would discover that something “not so awesome” had happened………through my email or a text.

What have you learned from those experiences? Are you more resilient? More forgiving? More loving because now you know that any day could be someones last and it’s silly to hold in anger? Are you more of a fighter because of those less fortunate circumstances that happened in 2014?

Lets sit in that too. Lets sit in the moments that are hard to think about and be grateful for them. There are wise lessons in everything, you just have to look for them. 5f2e3d26cfe41e4bc2de71ae8e0110fe

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Heres to a friggin magnificent 2015. I am honored, humbled and incredibly hopeful to see this year and experience that magnitude of blessings that myself and friends will see. heather-signature011


I thought I’d fail… pt 2

I thought I’d fail… pt 2

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I woke up filled with incredible inspiration in me on Thanksgiving this year. Andy was in Bardstown with Mia Clair (our baby girl aka dog) already and I was gonna use the morning to work and then drive up later. This is not typical for us on Thanksgiving, we typically make coffee and breakfast together and watch the parade, I was a little worried I’d be bummed because they weren’t with me but instead the good vibes were seriously flowing!


Just as I was finishing up working, I heard my phone go off with a text message, I grabbed it and saw this:


FullSizeRender 2


Can you see where this is headed? In last weeks post, I told you how stressed I was about raising all the money I needed for New York and 63 hours before my freaking campaign ends, my cousin sends me this.

As soon as I read this I dropped the phone. I stood still in my silent house and felt a feeling of extraordinary grace fall over me. I. could. not. move. I was stuck, literally. I felt my heartbeat over and over again and every hair on me was standing on end. I will never, in my entire lifetime forget this moment. I haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting my cousins boyfriend and for this type of kindness to be shown to me by a complete stranger was the most inspiring thing ever done to me.

So, the next day (even before the deadline) my my cousin Blair and her boyfriend Ry, put $1,600 in my crowd funding page for the rest of the money I needed for my trip.

I could type away for days about everything I learned during this small journey. The teachings are endless. Ill briefly go through them:

1. Once you put your goal out there, stop at nothing to make it happen… even when you have no clue how in the world how you can accomplish it

2. But even more important, believe like hell that it will happen. I even put goals in my calendar on my phone and set alerts on them for dates I wanted to acquire a certain amount of money. On November 16, one popped up that said:



3. Now, I clearly didn’t have all the $3,000 in donations that I needed on Nov. 16 but I still kept believing. I visualized my campaign saying I have completed 100% of my goal and I visualized it saying $3,000. (shout out to Napolean Hill for teaching me this stuff that changed my life when I was 19)

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.11.24 AM

Now how cool is that? OVER the goal!


4. Don’t lose faith.  I knew that God would provide. He told me so when I got accepted into the bootcamp. Why would He bring me this far and then not assist me in getting the money needed to go. (Now if that did happen, it would be because He’s got good reason) So when I got that text message on Thanksgiving morning, I couldn’t believe that God had pulled this off. I mean I could but I couldn’t!!!!!!!!! I thought to myself “DDAAANNNGGG, your good! 2 days before my campaign ends and you made a way!”  I’ll always keep faith because He can do anything!

5. Now this one was the coolest and it’s a little tough for me to explain into words, so bare with me. I get PIPd all the time. I PIP all the time. But I have never ever been PIPd like this. When I say I needed that money, it’s true. I wanted to prove to myself that I could pull off something so uncomfortable for me, but after it was done, what inspired me the most wasn’t necessarily the “tangibility” (is that a word?) but the fact that someone, a stranger that is, donated so much out of the kindness of his heart. It had A LOT to do with the bigness of the PIP too.

After seeing what a big PIP like this is cable of doing to someones soul, I have become relentless in showing the world how awesome PIP, Positively Impacting People is. There is a fire in me that wasn’t there before, if my own passion project can have this affect on me, what can it do for someone else?!?!!?!?

I write this blog with the deepest of passions. The grace and kindness that was shown to me through the people that donated, especially Blair and Ry, has taught me so much. I am better, stronger, more capable and on my way to my beautiful purpose even more because of this experience. My cup runneth over:)










I thought I’d fail… big. Part 1

I thought I’d fail… big. Part 1

Goals Good Vibrations Blog Inspiration

I read a killer book this summer that had me at tears before I even got to the first page. The author is so real in her writing, which made me like her even more.. when I blog, I don’t want it all fancy schmancy.. I want you to feel my southern rooted personality, my mistakes, my victories and my awesome, normal life.


After finishing the book I started following her on Instagram. I was on my way home from work one day and she posted about a Bootcamp, 5 days in New York City in December. The only catch was you had to apply and she was only choosing 50 entrepreneurs or “doers” to attend this life changing event.

Long story short, I sped home, took 3 hours to do the application along with a short 2 minute video on why I thought they should pick me and and then I had to wait for the response. I was emailed a few weeks later. I had got into the camp. I was pumped. The camps tuition is $2,000 and they recommended that I set up a crowd funding page on Indiegogo, (you can check out my campaign here) to raise funds to help me pay for tuition, flight and my apartment. I set my goal at 3k.

This is where I really want you to hear this. The entire 40 days (thats how long the campaign was) I was so uncomfortable. This is not in my nature, and honestly I’m sure it’s not in yours either. Who in the heck enjoys asking for money?

The key is, I put myself in a position to have to ask for the money and once I made that campaign public…. I had to do what I had to do to get $3,000. The entire time, I kept Praying, Visulaizing, and being thankful in my PIP book for hitting my goal. (<<< that right there…. the key to it all) But two days before the campaign ended I had only raised $1,400. Instead of me going to the victim role and feeling like no one believed in me or they didn’t want to give their money, I knew it was my own fault. I should have tried harder. I felt uncomfortable asking for money???? Well, I needed to feel more uncomfortable then because Greatness doesn’t happen in comfort zones. If I didn’t hit my goal, it no ones fault but my own.

AAAhhhhhhhh, one of the best lines from one of my favorite movies.

I don’t bow out of anything gracefully so the week my campaign was ending I had scheduled in my calendar (with alerts that popped up and reminded me) 4 more Facebook and Instagram posts that were so heartfelt and I strategically placed and timed them for maximum donations. (hopefully) No matter how hard it was, I would finish strong and not give up! (Something my momma taught me….. such a boss move)

Within two days of my campaign ending, I hit over $3,000.  I can’t wait to share with you how it happened and what the whole experience taught me but because this is getting a little lengthy, part 2 will come to you next Friday!

It’s important for me to share with you that no matter how hard something looks, no matter how scary it is, if you want it bad enough… you have to tread those waters. Out of the most vulnerable and week situations, God shows his grace to us in ways that will bring us to our knees.

Walk through it. Enjoy as much as you can. And look for the bigger picture, you are so much more than your current circumstance.




4 tips for getting stuff done……. and not losing your mind

4 tips for getting stuff done……. and not losing your mind

Goals Good Vibrations Blog Neatbeat Style PIP

I wouldn’t say that I have the whole “structured” organization thing down pat. Not even close actually. What I do have is a definite ability to get sh!t done. Period. I hate to use a bad word but it’s appropriate for this topic. On every given day, I have a running list of about 20 projects/assignments/tasks that need to be done for Neatbeat. Aside from that I am a wife, a friend, a momma to Mia Clair and I have my workout routine that is a TOP priority AND THEN I have my big picture goals, ya know the one were my face is smack-dab in the middle of the cover of Forbes??

Now, my to dos may look different than yours but I talk to men and women all day long and everyone is just so busy. My goal is for all of us to feel the way Deepok Chopra feels about his life, he says, “My body is busy but my mind is not.” POWERFUL!!!!!  If you can calm your mind, and funny…. I have a blog to help out with that, than that is 80% of the struggle, anxiety, and feeling like there is no time for anything else.. like a freakin bubble bath!!!

Other than getting your mind right mentally each morning, and that is the MOST important, the next step is scheduling of your time… which brings me to some great resources for keeping up with life.


1.Your phone is your best friend. If it’s smart.

The second someone tells me something they need, I IMMEDIATELY will go to the “notes” section of my iPhone and type it in quickly.

The second someone asks me about a date they would like to connect on, I check my calendar, see if it’s a go ahead, and plug it in.

Then, I set up two alerts, one to alert me the week before and one for the day before.

^If you don’t do that last step, may the odds be ever in your favor for showing up to that event!


2. Your planner can reduce your stress. 

This is great also because you can check to see what yours days/weeks/months look like; it’s all right there in front of you and technology doesn’t get in the way if your phone is about to die or you lost it. But the key is to ALWAYS HAVE IT ON YOU.

This is why I do the phone calendar because my phone stays with me at all times. A planner (especially if you have multiples) can be left at home or in the car, resorting to you having to change around appointments, which eats up time AND is just another addition to your to do list.

However, some people HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN… with a pen and paper, if this is you, definitely check out Erin Condren, her planners are the best and the prettiest and the funnest!


3. In addition to…

The gigantic dry erase calendars you can put on your wall at home. I would NOT have this be what you consistently use to keep organized but another form so the whole family can see where everyone needs to be. If you are out running errands and you know you made three appointments that day in your Erin Condren planner or your phone, transfer them to the board so it can be used as a back up and to inform everyone else. Communication is king!

PIP tip: Name the board something really cool, like have a contest at home to where you all come up with a name for it that way when you ask if they wrote it on Speedy Gonzales, they know exactly what that means.


4. A hodge podge

Just to spit off some last things. If you are looking at your planner, whatever form you use, and you see that there is a lot going on in the next three weeks, or that the second week in November is giving you anxiety already- CUT THE CORD! Literally make a line or a note that says, “No more. In order for me to be the best friend, wife, girlfriend, co worker, mom, dad I can’t take on anymore this day.” That’s not selfish, that is smart. For more tips on saying no, check out this beauty.


  • When choosing times for appointments or meetings, choose times you know that work best for you. Sounds obvious I know, but if you make an appt for 9 am knowing that you typically don’t like to leave the house until 12, than don’t make it.
  • Before you start filling that week up, ask yourself, is this a top priority? If the answer is no, get back with that person during a less busy time or just say no. (So you don’t forget to get back with them, add it to your phone or calendar in two weeks as an event and don’t forget to set your reminder!)
  • Try and create a good amount of space between events. If you know you already have three events going on in two weekends and someone asks for your time during those weeks, you can always politely turn them down and say, “I am free (5 weeks from now!)”

I would love feedback from you to share in the comments below. What works for you with managing your time? It may be able to help myself out and another groupie! Share the wealth:)


Are You a Rockstar Boss?

Are You a Rockstar Boss?

Goals Neatbeat Neatbeat Style PIP

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I came across a blog article that caught my attention. Mainly because I saw that a member of our Guest Care Team tagged me in the post and when I read the headline, “12 Personality Traits that make you a Rockstar Boss” I couldn’t wait to open it… I really dig that kind of stuff:)

As I read the opening paragraphs I thought to myself, “This Catherine Clifford knows what’s up!!” many people would like to think they are a great boss but the jury may still be out when considering what their team has to say. Check the article out for yourself, there are FANTASTIC POINTS that you can use for some good ole self evaluation, if you’re the head honcho or Chief PIPr like me, (Positively Impacting People) take note, your may read through it and find you’re the Chief NIPr (Negatively Impacting People) and in that case, take lots of notes.


After reading the article I thought on some key points of difference that I think Neatbeat tries very hard to excel at. We’re definitely not perfect in these areas but we are aware and always learning and communicating about these main topics. I thought I’d share! I believe these points are a must in leading a team of extraordinary human beings for a couple common goals: love and profit. Not to be confused with Love for Profit:)

1. Think Positive. (Just like the article) I mess up about 100x a day. The Neatbeat Brigade (what we call our Salon Team) is so cool they love me anyway!! I bet I know why too, when they mess up, I rarely EVER EVER get frustrated, I stay cool ask what we’ve learned from the situation, and what we plan on doing differently in the future.  We stay positive and always end the quick meeting on a good note. Then if it happens again….. we spank them…. simple as that.


2. Admit when something is your fault.  This IS NOT a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strong security, confidence and impeccable leadership skills. I say pretty often, “That was not your fault, that was my fault.” or “I am sorry, that didn’t get done the right way because I didn’t communicate exactly what I wanted done.” Now, the coolest thing, is when that type of vibe starts to flourish (from the top especially) you hear other teammates apologizing for something they did wrong. It creates a Culture of forgiveness and communication. Which is rare, and how you get on Forbes. (Look for us in the future!)


3. Praise. Praise. Praise and Praise. I was driving down a local express way one day about two years ago listening to one of my Podcasts with Brian Tracy and he had a guest on the show. I will never forget what this guy said. “Being a cheerleader for your team is MORE important than your P&L.” I was so inspired and honestly, a little relieved when I heard that. If you go above and beyond with your team to praise them, it will directly affect your P&L. Sometimes so much, it brings me to tears. When your team has an honest love for you, you can feel it in their workThey want you to bring them in your office, dance with them, and look at them with a very strong tone saying “If it wasn’t for you, this company would not be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Can you imagine what that feels like? Ive been told, pretty dag on good.



4. Communicate. Whew, this is a biggy. I am learning and growing so much everyday and when you think you’ve mastered this one, there is always more to learn. Also, when you think you’ve communicated everything under the sun, you usually haven’t. At least not me. We discuss opportunities for growth and feedback in our “Individuals” (monthly one on one meetings the members of the Brigade have with me) and really not any other time. If it is something that has been brought to my attention that I can’t let happen again, than we will have a quick coaching session, but other than that, it’s once a month with you and that individual. Not EVER in our Dance Parties (team meetings) because that just gets ludacris….. one person has a slight issue and then you have 10 people looking at you, getting ready for combat .No thanks. Feedback is quick to the point, and from the heart. NEVER in a way of bullying. That’s so not #neatbeatstyle


5. Be the mentor. Just like Catherine says, instead of telling them what to do, we need to show them what to do. If there is cleaning to be done at the end of a shift, are you right along side of your team helping out if you can? Are you stepping in to help out with a blow out, mixing color for an artist running behind or jumping in answering the phone to help Guest Care out? Don’t get me wrong, this can be hard. Your’e thinking, I’ve worked my butt off to get here and I’ve already put that work in. But if we all thought like that, where would we be? Leaders like that, don’t PIP (Positively Impact People) millions. Leaders like that don’t save lives (literally) and they sure in the hell won’t make it to the true top…… the top that has to do with respect, honor, loyalty and money. Lots of it.


Bonus: Now this one is pretty important. Encourage feedback…. on yourself. At the end of every individual I have with my team, I end with them having the opportunity to give me feedback on how I can be a better Chief. This is so vulnerable, but I also crave it because I want to be so good for them. When you know your flaws- from others opinions- the ones you happen to lead on a daily basis, and you work to make yourself better in those areas….. magic happens:)

I hope you found great insight in this post. If you have any questions or comments, write them below or shoot us an email at