3 Apps you need to get Yo self Together

3 Apps you need to get Yo self Together

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Have you ever shopped around for the perfect day planner with the intention that once you get it, it’s going to be the thing that helps you finally get organized? You use it for a few weeks and it gets tossed in the top of your closet to collect dust with your purse boxes. Do you have trouble remembering to do little to do’s you set for yourself throughout the day and get flustered wishing you could get your life together? Or maybe you’re the over-achieving type and have 3 or 4 running calendars and often have trouble double booking your self.

I have struggled with all three of these at some point or another. So what’s a hard working gal to do?

Three apps I started using a few months ago have changed the organizing and productivity game for me. No more paper calendar, day planner, random reminders on a legal pad… nope none of that. I know, it’s seems crazy right?! Not carrying around your book of to-do’s with you every where go. How will you ever remember anything? These were my exact thoughts, but I gave it a shot and now I’m not quite sure how I ever functioned without these three.


Number One

The Holy Grail of Calendar apps! I love Google Calendar because it links up with my Gmail account, I can easily set reminders and schedule events. It’s easy to share events/meetings with other people too. It’s SO user friendly. I love Apple everything but TBH the calendar that comes on the iPhone just wasn’t doing it for me. With Google Calendar I can see my monthly view and daily view at the same time. You can color code everything, editing and adding is quick and easy. Google Calendar replaced my paper calendar I used to lug around with me everywhere I went and would hope and pray I would never leave anywhere 😉


Number Two



Asana is a project management tool. It’s also probably the number one reason I am the most productive I’ve ever been. I use asana for my daily tasks, To-do lists and little reminders for things I need to take care of but don’t necessarily need to put in my calendar. It’s super easy to use and I am not the most technological person.  And get this, you can link asana to your Gmail account AND Google Calendar… I know right?! Everything all together in one little, cozy space somewhere up in the Cloud. I use asana for work and my personal life. Creating and checking off tasks is just as fulfilling as marking a pen line through your to-do list on paper, trust me.  Asana took the place of my legal pad and day planner and I’ve found I have so much more down time now because of how easy it is to see what and when I need to get things done.


Number Three

Slack is a messenger app for teams. I use slack as a communication tool for work. Communicating with my team has never been easier! It’s super organized, allowing you to create “channels” for different conversations. For example I have a channel for everything I need to talk with each member on Neatbeat’s team. I put notes, reminders, praises, any little things I want to remember to go over or talk with them about. I also use it for notes to go over in monthly and weekly meetings. What’s cool about slack is that multiple people can view the same channel, so it’s kind of like a giant group message but WAY more purposeful. You can upload pictures, files and even documents to slack. Slack has taken place of Evernote and group texts that get lost in my message feed.


I keep all three apps in a folder on my Iphone so they’re easy to access.

Google Calendar, Asana and Slack are all available to android and apple users. They make getting organized, staying productive and communicating super easy and efficient. They’ve helped me map out my days with intent and purpose. I no longer feel flustered or like I’m drowning in task after task or constantly feeling like I’m forgetting something. I highly encourage you to make the jump and ditch your paper planner, no matter how cute and monogramed it is. You’ll love how much more freedom you have in your days way more, promise.

Happy Organizing, Loves.





Failyour Heart Out

Failyour Heart Out

Goals Inspiration

It took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted the first blog post to be about, in fact I almost pushed the launch date back a week to give me more time to “plan”.  I would type a few paragraphs and then delete, type a little, and then delete. Then I realized I knew exactly what I needed to write about, the very thing keeping me from writing in the first place.

That would be the big F word. FEAR.

You know the feeling you get right after you get an idea or are faced with a decision to make. The voice that tells you you’re gonna fail or that your idea is impossible…That’s the one. Our mind instantly, sometimes as quick as 5 seconds y’all, sabotages whatever idea or choice we just made. We start to back pedal and second guess ourselves, we worry about what people will think of us, we worry we won’t have the money, we create this laundry list of stuff that could go wrong and then guess what happens?

Our mind makes up a story, and we believe it. 

It does this to protect us. To keep us from feeling stupid, embarrassed, or whatever it thinks may happen if we follow through with our decision or idea. It is ultimately trying to protect us from failure.

And guess what??

We are going to fail. ALOT. And that’s okay. Failing at something is proof that you took action and it happened to not work. Failing after taking action or making a decision isn’t really failing because you learned something. We’re going to have to do things that are out side of our comfort zone. Growth lives right outside of our comfort zone’s walls. Success comes from getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, from failing over and over again and not giving up just because it got hard. It’s going to be hard. Keep going.

When we start to feel fear start to cripple us or our decisions, step back from the thought. Ask yourself, is this fear talking me out of what I’m about to do? Is what I’m thinking about doing going to push me past my comfort zone? If the answer is Yes, dive in head first. That’s where your success lives.

Cheers to taking action and failing our heart out!