What is Neatbeat Academy?

The Academy is one bad mamma jamma. We developed our 10-12 week hands-on program to provide extensive and COMPLIMENTARY (aka free) in house training. Our program includes specific training that will teach you everything from looking in the mirror with guests all the way to how to ask if they want a refill on their drink.

We cover in depth hair cutting training, incredible techniques with hair color, how to wax and fill in perfect brows, perform a killer blowout, and we even share our top tips to make serious money for yourself in this industry. To top is all off, our Chief PIPr Heather will share tips from her course, PIPn All Over The World: How to be Successful in your heart and wallet (a $2,000 value). 

Group auditions for the Academy are held for licensed stylists 1-2 times a year. No technical skill is covered during the auditions because, as we say very often, “We don’t hire for skill, we hire nice.” We can teach a hairstylist everything they need to know about how to be successful behind the chair and we also have TREMENDOUS support from our talented Aveda peeps that pop in the palace on a consistent basis to educate us too!

We typically accept five individuals to join us for this complimentary Academy and will notify those that they were accepted by mail!

Throughout the training there will be random cuts so we can narrow down our selections. At the end of the course we offer positions to 2-3 Auditioning Artists to assist the Artists and Heather and once the assisting process is complete and the AA is fully trained, they will have a chair at The Palace!!!!!!!! <<<< Life changing stuff right there.

The Academy enrollment is currently open, so you can click the Academy Application button to apply! We are currently Auditioning for our next round of classes.
*If you have any questions about the Academy, you can give us a call or shoot us an email!