The Academy is one bad mamma jamma. We developed our hands-on program to provide extensive and COMPLIMENTARY (aka free) in house education once a week. Our program includes specific training that will teach you everything from looking in the mirror with your guests to meditation and journaling. We believe it is our job to develop the best humans, not just hairstylists.

Our Academy is divided into 3 phases that we call tours. The 1st tour is all about learning the workflow of Neatbeat, receiving your mentor, who is there with you the whole way, being your cheerleader and learning the ropes on how to be the best partner to your mentor.

The 2nd tour of our Academy is all about learning and implementing. In this phase you become a Senior Partner and are able to take requests on your own book and you become more of a technical, hands on portion of the guest experience with your mentor.

The 3rd tour is about learning and finessing. This is the last 6 months of The Academy. In this phase you are behind the chair as an Artist and you Partner the floor to lead other artists when they need you.

The entire Academy is about a year and a half career path to absolute success. Don’t worry, you are hands on behind the chair within 6 months!


  • For the 1st month, you’ll attend complimentary classes 2 days a week.
  • For the 2nd month, we have 2 hour complimentary shadowing shifts to see which Mentor is a best fit for your success.
  • For months 2-9, you will have our complimentary weekly Academy classes 1 day a week
  • *Salary for the first year.
  • *When you hit Artist BTC and Floor Partner you are eligible for commission or salary- whichever is greater
  • *When you transition for Artist Full time, you’ll be straight commission!
  • *Schedule templates will be made in advance to give time for your book to fill at certain phases in your Academy journey.