The Academy is one bad mamma jamma. We developed our hands-on program to provide extensive and COMPLIMENTARY (aka free) in house education. Our 9 month program includes specific training that will teach you everything from looking in the mirror with your guests to meditation and journaling. We believe it is our job to develop the best humans, not just hairstylists.

So what type of individual do we look for to be apart of The Neatbeat Brigade?

Our people have/are:

  • The Hunger and will to be the best human possible… personally and professionally. What does this mean? Positively embracing and being fully open to change, being resilient no matter how absolutely crazy the actions that are being implemented.
  • Gold Seekers in all situations. They’re always trying to help find solutions rather than bitching and complaining about what’s wrong. They are responsible to create what they want. They take extreme ownership over their lives and don’t wait for their leaders to make them happy. They create the happiness around them.
  • Hard Ass Workers, our people ARE NOT looking for the easy, quick way to a solid paycheck, great schedule and freedom. They are down to put the grit work in before the incredible money, schedule and time comes. They know the harder they work in the name of the team, not the individual- the more money, better schedule and ultimate freedom is absolutely a bi-product.

*Salary for the first year and a half until you’re eligible for commission