Neatbeat Artists

Our Artists are hand selected and go through a strategic interviewing process. We’re friends here, so we’ll be honest with you… we don’t hire our hair stylists for skill. You can teach skills, but you can’t teach NICE. We hire for nice. We train our artists on things as specific as how to look in the mirror with our guests. We can teach how to be a top of the line hairdresser, but for some reason you cannot teach someone how to be authentically nice. We are so proud of our team and we think you will like ’em too!

  • Platinum Beat Artists

    Creme De La Creme

    These artists have been trained by the top Educators in the world and have invested thousands to better themselves in their craft. They have put in many hours to be the best that Neatbeat has to offer.

  • Gold Beat Artists

    Mentors & Leaders

    This is a big goal to achieve. Gold status artists hold great leadership and mentor positions and are quite skilled behind the chair. They dance pretty good too, which is a big portion of why they are gold. 

  • Silver Beat Artists

    Neatbeat Academy Grads

    They have completed the rigorous training of Neatbeat Academy and all of Aveda standard classes. These artists are fully equipped to give you what you need and are learning more technical and dancing skills everyday!

  • Studio Beat Artists

    Neatbeat Academy Students

    These artists are still in the studio perfecting their craft. These individuals are in the last leg of Neatbeat Academy

  • Guest Happiness

    Simply the Best

    We strategically chose our guest care staff with incredibly high expectations. These individuals are the first people our guests come into contact with and the last people they interact with before they leave. Our Guest Care handles all communication over the phone so it’s important that these people are top notch. Not matter your age, color, or gender; these peeps have got it going on! Stop by just to see how wonderful they are.


neatbeat Heather Yurko

Heather Yurko

Heather Yurko is the founder and Chief PIPr (Positively Impacting People) at Neatbeat and her second company, The Heather Yurko Brand. Developing the brand and culture of “The Palace” (Neatbeat) in December of 2012 in her head, she worked incredibly hard to make her vision come to fruition. She knew what she wanted Neatbeat to feel, look and do business like, and on October 8, 2013 Neatbeat came to life in such a killer way.

Heather comes from a top 200 Aveda Salon in the Louisville Kentucky area where she was the only apprentice hired, for $7.50 an hour in 2008. She quickly rose to become the top producing stylist, as well as played a critical role in development of the salon’s training program, assisting program and bringing Great Lengths Hair Extensions to the state of Kentucky (cold fusion method.) In 2012, Heather met a huge goal of hers by having her total compensation from services and training hit over $100,000.

Heather is extremely passionate about being her best self and affecting her guests and teammates’ lives through PIP. She plans on PIPn millions, bringing in millions (yes, in dollars) and being a servant to all parties in the process. Heather says that she knows her dreams for life may seem crazy and out of reach to some, but she knows with strong faith and vision she can achieve anything, and so can you.

Advanced Training With

Lupe Voss, Aveda’s Advanced Color Educator in Redlands, CA

John Reyman, Aveda’s Advanced Academy in New York, NY

Harry Wood, Six Figure Hairdresser in Atlanta, GA

Industry leaders at Vidal Sassoon, Chicago, Il

Top Great Lengths Hair Extension Artist in the state

Xtreme Eyelash Extension Stylist

Favorite Music:

Stevie Nicks, John Mellancamp, Lil Wayne, Rihanna

Favorite Way to PIP:

She like big PIPs, the kind that involve crazy surprises

Itf (I’m Thankful For):

My mind and heart the good Lord gave me. 

“We are big picture thinkers at Neatbeat, who just so happen to dance really good. We want to meet you and make you feel great about yourself. We are much more than a hair salon, come check us out!”


neatbeat Terri Morgan

Terri Morgan

Terri aka Terbear is as pretty as they come. Not only are her looks to die for, but so is her hair (can you believe that color is natural?!) and her skill. After graduating school Terri went to work for a top 200 salon.

Terri became certified in Great Lengths Extensions in February of 2013 and has completed cut/color classes with Aveda world class educators. She has created and developed high fashion photo shoots and is responsible for many of the clever ideas at Neatbeat.

Terri’s heart and mind are what sets her apart. You won’t find anyone more honest and authentic… what’s not to love about that?! She has developed quite the name for herself and has been called one of the most in demand hairstylists in Louisville. Terri specializes in blondes, classic bobs, and long layered haircuts and hair extensions. Her friendly, relaxed and genuine spirit will make you comfortable and confident as she creates a style to make you look and feel your best!

Advanced Training With

Ian Michael Black,  Global Color Educator for Aveda  in New York NY, Indianpolis IN, Cincinnati OH
John DeJulius,  Aveda salon owner & leadership skills in Cincinnati OH
Tracy Freeman, Aveda Color Educator in Cincinnati
Karen Whitty, Aveda Color Educator in Louisville KY
Brent Crisp, Aveda Haircut Educator in Cincinnati OH
Rose Leathers, Aveda Esthetician/Makeup Artist in Louisville KY

Favorite Music

Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert, Bruno Mars, The Lumineers and T.I.

Favorite Way to PIP


Itf (I’m Thankful For)

Having faith and taking risks. A good heart and all the great people I have in my life that support me.


neatbeat Danielle Martin

Danielle Martin

Danielle Martin is full of personality and passion. In the near future Danielle will train our new Studio Beat Artists on how to perfect their skills and be their  #1 cheerleader. She has said many times before that being apart of Neatbeat means that she will be able to achieve all the dreams she has for her career and she is super thankful for the positivity and energy that live here.


Some of her major education accomplisments include Vidal Sassoon ABC Advanced Cut Training with Travis Smith, Advanced Men’s and Short Women’s Cutting with Jay White, Pureform with Jacqueline Stack, Forum and Function Men’s Cut Training, Aveda Color with Karen Whitty and with Aaron Horsewood.

Favorite Music

Incubus. No matter what mood she’s in, Brandon Boyd has a song for it.

Favorite Way to PIP

Making people look beautiful.

Nothing makes Danielle happier than when a guest has “that moment” in the chair and it can get a little emotional for everyone!

Itf (I’m Thankful For)

Being raised in a small town and my family. Especially my dad who taught me hard work will always pay off and to “keep keeping at it”


neatbeat Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Emily Jones is our sweet spot. She is extremely technically savvy and can breakdown a haircut like nobodys business. She has so much excitement and hope for her career as a hairdresser, and she can’t wait to get to her definition of “success.” Emily likes to shop and watch her favorite shows on DVR, not live TV. She’s pretty compassionate, too. We think we’ll keep her!

Favorite Music

Katy Perry

Favorite Way to PIP

She loves the PIPs that surprise. Ya know, the ones that your not expecting and can rock your world? Yeah, those.

Itf (I’m Thankful For)

Support from my family and every opportunity (good and not so good) that has lead me right here.


neatbeat Alexa Drury

Alexa Drury

Alexa was born and raised in Louisville and a great addition to the Neatbeat Brigade. Her first day at the salon was the day before derby and she didn’t know where anything was or anything about Aveda and she just rocked it out. We knew then, she’d fit in great! Alexa attended a Redken school in Lexington but is “Oh so happy to be apart of Aveda and grow with Neatbeat.” She likes to cuddle with her kitty, Cali,binge-watch Netflix series, visit family and read a good book in the sun.


We couldn’t be more proud of Alexa and all of her hard work and dedication behind the chair! She has completed My Aveda Product Knowledge, Systems and Solution for color, Customize Color with Regina and Advanced Men’s and Short Women’s Cutting with Jay White to help further her education with technical skills.

Favorite Music

Blake Shelton, Adele, Paolo Nutini, and Ray Lamontagne

Favorite way to PIP

I love PIP’n in ways that will turn peoples days around completely making them have a smile on their face all day long

ITF (I’m thankful for)

The support of my wonderful family, beautiful friends, and handsome boyfriend, Ryan.

Also for the chance to make new and exciting things happen everyday at Neatbeat.


neatbeat Rachel Peck

Rachel Peck

Rachel is our California girl  whose organizational skills, attention to detail, and personality… well… basically save our lives.   She is committed to working hard and learning everything she can to make our Guest Care team the best and “nicest” for our guests.  She pours her heart into Neatbeat and is in love with our PIP mission.  She likes to watch movies, be in the sunshine, and spend time with family.

Favorite Music

Everything from Brooks and Dunn to John Legend! Country music lover with a heart for ALL music!

Favorite Way to PIP

PIP the people who need it most when they LEAST expect it. Help them create something beautiful in the world!

ITF (I’m Thankful For…)

God’s unconditional grace and for His peace and strength that surpasses all understanding!

For my family and their beautiful hearts.



Treble was born in March of 2013, where our designers perfected his spray nozzle and gave him those cool “spray waves” that all the ladies love. He received his name at our Partaay (Neatbeat’s official Grand Opening in July of 2014), where one of our lovely Groupies named him after Treble Clef, the music note.

He’s a southern gentleman, a ladies man and a tad bit sneaky.

He also loves to PIP and get his picture taken. When you come to see us, be sure to pose with him in the salon!



Amber Lancaster

Amber is our hardworking CrossFit girl who is legit as apart of our Guest Happiness Team. While she has her full time career as a part of Sun Tan City (she was named Employee of the Year on her team for 2014, you go girl!) she makes a great impact as apart of the Brigade. Amber is responsible for managing our online presence through social media, email, blogging and building relationships in our community. Resourceful should be this girls middle name.

Favorite Music

 Anything. Literally. My playlists range from Destiny’s Child to Disney Hits to Fleetwood Mac to Taking Back Sunday and whole lot of Country. Whatever is playing is always dependent on my mood :)

Favorite Way to PIP

In unexpected ways that will put a smile on someones face and turn their day around. And to people who can’t pay me back. While PIPn my loved ones is great it’s so fun to see how an act of kindness affects someone you don’t know!

ITF (I’m Thankful For…)

All of the amazing people that I have in my corner. My friends, my family, my CrossFit community… it’s so comforting to know that my life is filled with inspiring and supportive people. There’s no way that I would be the person I am today, without their love.



Sam Huber

Sam has been with Aveda since she was 16 years old and has been in love with the brand ever since.  She has taken several classes with the Aveda Business College and is always searching for classes to further her knowledge. She is extremely passionate about Neatbeat and its mission to Positively Impact People. She feels so grateful to work for a company who’s values and beliefs align so closely with hers. She likes taking yoga classes, reading all kinds of books and eating at local brunch spots around Louisville. 

Favorite Music

Kygo, Rihanna and a lot of country artists

Favorite Way to PIP

Handwritten notes to people.

ITF (I’m Thankful For…)

My faith and my family.


My Aveda, Benching Marking for Success, Culture and Leadership with Luca Boccia, Retail Edge with William Edge, Beauty of Business with Ray Civello, Serious Business 2015.




Sammy G

When I first heard of Neatbeat it wasn’t about how great they were at doing hair (which is pretty obvious they’re the best at that) but what I heard, from already being in the Aveda world, was how INSPIRING and positive of a team they have. Now I can say that I am apart of that inspiring, positive, passionate and beautiful team. Being a specialized artist I got to grow one specific skill but now I am so excited to jump into the color world and start this new exciting journey with the Neatbeat Family right beside me.

Favorite Music

Depends on what day it is and what I’m doing. I can’t just pick one because I love all sounds of music, another passion of mine…after hair of course. You can catch me at a red-hot chili pepper concert with my dad, Lana del Ray with my mom, or country with my friends. Any Genre and I’m there.

Favorite PIP

I like to stay under the radar with my PIPS, I like to randomly pay for someone’s gas at Kroger, or tape money to the pump and walk away and just seeing the smiles on there faces and not knowing where it came from brings me so much joy.


My loving family and new opportunities. My family especially because they’re the ones encouraging me to work hard for everything that I have. Not just my parents but my entire extended family, I am so thankful for the support system that I have around me, everyday encouraging me to keep going and keep getting education and pursuing my dreams. And for THEM I will be forever grateful.


Morgan Fite

This girl has so much in store for her future. She’s currently attending the Neatbeat Academy and is killing the cuts and colors on each of her models. When she’s not attending the Academy, you can find Morgan working hard as either Heather’s Assistant or the Floor Assistant. We are so grateful for all of the hardwork, passion and love that she brings to the Palace. Morgan was born and raised in Taylor Mill, KY and she has dreamed of being a hair syslist for as long as she can remember. When she’s not slaying hair, Morgan loves spending lots of time with her family and boyfriend, Dylan!


Advanced Training with, Melissa Jaqua & Abe Barron Advanced Cutting Class, Lori TerBeek Aveda cutting & color education, AcademyPro/Donna Bella/Cinderella Hair extensions certified, Kelly Cardenas Leadership & business ethics.

Favorite Music

Little bit of country, little bit of hood!

Favorite Way to PIP

I love to PIP the people who don’t realize how much they truly deserve it!


Neatbeat for turning my dreams into realities! My family for raising me into the strong Godly woman I’ve become.

Christa Blanford

WOW after the long hours of study, diligence and attention to detail, I was offered this great opportunity to work for Neatbeat, the top salon in the Louisville area. I love working in a positive team atmosphere, learning new things and expressing ideas and suggestions to our valued guests. Dreams do come true through and hard work and my goal is to keep improving and ensuring that each guest that walks through our doors feels the importance that they deserve. I look forward to coming home every day to my best friend Heidi, my Teacup Yorkie. Spending time with my friends, listening to good music or blazing through the woods on an ATV and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite Music:

I like all different kinds of music from country to the modern new age sounds.

Favorite Way to PIP:

Random acts of kindness; bringing someone a cup of coffee, or picking up lunch

Itf (I’m Thankful For):

The love and support that I have from all my family and friends.


Vidal Sasson

Tim Howard men’s cutting

Aveda color magic

Bombshell Blondes

Beyond balayage and color melting


Paige Rosser

Paige is originally from Mt. Washington, Kentucky. Her first day of Paul Mitchell the School Louisville was September 11th, 2012. Paige knew from a very young age that she wanted to become a Cosmotologist and to make people feel as beautiful on they outside as they are on the inside. Paige loves utilizing the knowledge and confidence that she has gained from education to create a unique and personal experience for each and every guest. On the weekends, Paige loves to sing on the worship team at her church, play with her crazy Husky puppy, Luna and binge-watch Netflix.

Favorite Music:

American Authors, Beyoncé, Ingrid Michaelson

Favorite Way to PIP:

I love to surprise PIP the good-hearted ; I’m a sap so there’s a good chance I’ll cry!

Itf (I’m Thankful For):

I am so thankful for my faith, the friends and family that surround me and for Neatbeat for giving me an environment to thrive in!



Sunlights Balyage Brilliance

Benniefactor Living Lab

Benniefactor Stylist Success Systems

Benniefactor Cutting Course

My Aveda

Aveda Systems and Solutions


Hartley, Jennifer

I have been in the beauty industry and with Aveda for about 4 years and have loved every part of the brand and culture. Started out at a Top 200 salon and went through their in house Aveda training as well as assisting their top stylist, which set me up for becoming the artist I am today. I’ve dreamed of working at Neatbeat and prayed to be apart of the brigade and am so happy to finally say that dream is reality! When I’m not making people look and feel beautiful I enjoy spending every second with people closest to me and drinking LOTS of coffee 😊

Favorite Music:

Country music new and old

Favorite Way to PIP:

The unexpected ones, ones that are anonymous, cute notes or paying for someone’s coffee. I love the feeling I get when I PIP knowing I’ve brought a little sunshine to someone’s day

Itf (I’m Thankful For):

The Lord, for giving me everything in my life and not when the timing was right.

For my mama, who is my rock.

For my family, boyfriend and friends.

For Heather Yurko and Neatbeat.

For my sweet little home.


Aveda apprentice training

Aveda men’s barbering: Tim Howard

Aveda systems and solutions color class

Aveda Deep color class

Aveda styling: Kyle Rose and Allen Ruiz

Certified lash artist with Lash Out Loud eyelash extensions