We style pretty neat hair while we’re listening to our favorite beats. 

That’s us. However, we are pretty good dancers, too! When we talk about dancing with you we don’t mean literally, like we’re gonna bust out the hokie pokie (although we wouldn’t be entirely against that), but rather, how we interact. We have seen a huge gap in our industry, stylists only focusing on the technical work that is done. While that is a highly important aspect, we don’t want to forget how important the connection is, or as we say, the dance. Here’s how its done:

First, we have a detailed and customized hair consultation with each guest. This is where we see how you dance and we conform to your moves. If you don’t know what you want, we are here to give you options. If you know exactly what you want, we are here to listen. This is our “wait for it” moment that sets the beat for the entire service. We love this part.

After that, we start to get down. This is where the technical work comes alive, but we also start to dance. You like to talk about your hair? Us too. You like to talk about your kiddos or hubby? We do too. You like to talk about books, movies and friendship? We love those things. 

When we are wrapping up in the chair, we set you up with any future appointments. We also make sure you are comfortable with any of the products you are taking home and any styling instructions. At this point, we are happy you love your hair and you are happy because getting your hair done has never been so entertaining or enjoyable… Just like a good song you gotta bust a move too!

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