Failyour Heart Out

Failyour Heart Out

It took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted the first blog post to be about, in fact I almost pushed the launch date back a week to give me more time to “plan”.  I would type a few paragraphs and then delete, type a little, and then delete. Then I realized I knew exactly what I needed to write about, the very thing keeping me from writing in the first place.

That would be the big F word. FEAR.

You know the feeling you get right after you get an idea or are faced with a decision to make. The voice that tells you you’re gonna fail or that your idea is impossible…That’s the one. Our mind instantly, sometimes as quick as 5 seconds y’all, sabotages whatever idea or choice we just made. We start to back pedal and second guess ourselves, we worry about what people will think of us, we worry we won’t have the money, we create this laundry list of stuff that could go wrong and then guess what happens?

Our mind makes up a story, and we believe it. 

It does this to protect us. To keep us from feeling stupid, embarrassed, or whatever it thinks may happen if we follow through with our decision or idea. It is ultimately trying to protect us from failure.

And guess what??

We are going to fail. ALOT. And that’s okay. Failing at something is proof that you took action and it happened to not work. Failing after taking action or making a decision isn’t really failing because you learned something. We’re going to have to do things that are out side of our comfort zone. Growth lives right outside of our comfort zone’s walls. Success comes from getting comfortable in the uncomfortable, from failing over and over again and not giving up just because it got hard. It’s going to be hard. Keep going.

When we start to feel fear start to cripple us or our decisions, step back from the thought. Ask yourself, is this fear talking me out of what I’m about to do? Is what I’m thinking about doing going to push me past my comfort zone? If the answer is Yes, dive in head first. That’s where your success lives.

Cheers to taking action and failing our heart out!


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