I’m Thankful for My Momma

I’m Thankful for My Momma

thankful for momma

I might be the only person in the city of Louisville writing a blog during Derby week that isn’t about Derby. But, that’s because a much more important (to me) holiday falls on the Sunday after the ponies run… Mother’s Day.

And I’m sure you’ve all ready 26 different blogs about “reasons why my mom is thebomb.com” and I can’t promise you that this one is much different. But please hang tight and let me tell you just why I am thankful for my momma (and hopefully you can relate).

She taught me to show up

You know who doesn’t have enough hours in the day? A momma of 4 kids, with at least two of them playing sports all the time, who works 2 jobs and still manages to be a killer wife, sister, friend and aunt. Making the time and showing up can be the hardest things to do. But, she showed me that it’s possible. Even if you catch the last 15 minutes of the game or you can only be present for a few minutes. She always managed to show up when and where she was needed, for the people and the things that meant the most to her.

She embarrassed the crap out of me

And showed me it’s okay to laugh at yourself and not to take life too seriously. 13 year old me wanted to stick her head in a bush anytime she did something silly in public or in front of my friends. But now, I find myself doing those same things… just for the purpose of keeping myself sane or making my friends laugh. She found the humor in little things, made terrible jokes and never apologized for being herself.


She made me i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t

When I was a kid, she pushed me outside (mostly so I wouldn’t drag dirt in her house) and made me explore and be creative and play and learn and defend myself against my older siblings, teachers and coaches. She taught me to stand my own ground and not to back down when I believe in something.

When I decided I wanted to be a grown up, she supported me, but she never held my hand. Countless times over the past few years I’ve called her in tears asking “who in the heck let me be an adult??” or “what should I do?? I need you to tell me what to do.” or asking questions like “what’s an HOA?? do I have to pay that?” and she would calmly remind me that “You made the decision to be an adult and I can’t tell you what to do, you have to make this decision on your own, but whatever you decide to do, just know it’ll be alright.” She always has my back, even when I’m about to do something stupid, but she never makes choices for me and most certainly doesn’t put in the work for me.

She didn’t put me up for adoption during my teenage years

Bless my momma’s sweet, patient, loving heart for having to deal with my sassy little self from the ages of 13-18 because I was a terror. Instead of shipping me off to some third world country or my grandma’s house, she did her best to show me patience and kindness and love…even when I was the most unlovable.

She showed me unconditional love, patience and loyalty

*See “she didn’t put me up for adoption during my teenage years”

But she didn’t just show this love to me. She showed it to my three siblings, my dad, her siblings, her parents and her friends. She set an example of how to be love and receive love, how to patient (even if you’re just constantly working on the act of being) and how to stay true to your people. She showed us that even when someone might make you want to pull your hair out, if you just take a few breaths, dig deep and remind yourself why you love them and why they’re important to you, you’ll find the patience and the love in your heart again. She comforted us in our sorrows and helped us to celebrate our victories (big or small).


And she made herself irreplaceable. There’s no one in the world who can calm me like my momma, call me out like she does or laugh with me like she does. Happy Mother’s Day to the lady who taught me how to be a lady, be a good friend and sister, to stand my ground, laugh at myself, be optimistic, and keep it together even when I want to go off the deep end. Thank you for always supporting my absolutely ridiculous dreams and ideas and loving my furbabes and pushing me to be a better person.


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  • Grace Stilger

    I’m thankful for my Momma each and every day, and I miss her each and every day! Having lost her at the age of 18 to cancer was the hardest thing in my life, ever. 11 years later it’s still the hardest, but sooo many of the things she told me when I was younger that I didn’t want to listen to, make ssooo much sense now! So I’m still learning lessons from her every day. While I only had 18 years with her on this earth, I’m so thankful for each of those years and she’s still been with me every day since. So rather than feel cheated, I consider myself lucky :) And today I have a wonderful Mother-in-law, whom I am so thankful to have her in my life now. She hasn’t replaced my mom but I appreciate all our conversations and time together as women. So all the love to all the Momma’s out there! XOXO

    • Amber Lancaster

      Grace! I just saw your comment about your momma! Thank you for sharing these amazing and inspirational words with us!