Prepare to launch

Prepare to launch

Hola friends! I’m not sure if I ever shared with you my big Aha moment (breakdown while eating a tuna sandwich and watching Oprah) but it all went down in my little apartment last summer.

I was watching a mentor of mine, Marie Forleo (#bosscat) who was invited to Oprah’s (my bff) show, Super Soul Sunday. Now, I’ve seen this episode before, plenty of times actually…. but this one hit me different.


I watched Oprah’s voice talk about Marie as the Tv played out pictures of Marie in previous years, where she came from, her story, what she is all about and how she grew to become a thought leader of our generation. I noticed my eyes getting teary eyed and I knew it had to be from the love I have for Marie AND Oprahs’ voice that was narrating the whole experience.

The Tv switches to Oprah standing on her little stage and all I remember is Marie walking out, along with two other awesome peeps and I looked right at Marie, I watched her body language and saw her facial expressions and realized she looked nervous, excited and filled with deep deep gratitude. It was like watching your best friend get invited to Oprah and you’re in your living room just cheering her on (p.s. we are not best friends BUT  I watch her EVERY Tuesday on her Marie Tv show, that has helped me in countless situations, so obviously I feel like her best friend :))

Anywho, next thing you know I am HYSTERCIAL with a tuna sandwich in my mouth, talking loudly to myself, “Why am I crying like this?!?!!?!?”


The softest, strongest feeling and voice said to me, “Because that’s what you want too Heather.” Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Neatbeat had been open for about 9  months, we were killing it and then I get hit with another vision. One that was so deep, I knew I couldn’t ignore.

Now, I do think I knew this all along subconsciously, but tried to avoid it. Why?

Well, what would people think? Would I be abandoning Neatbeat? Am I fickle and always changing my mind? All of these thoughts had went through my mind and are reflective of past experiences where others made me feel this way. So I had to shake that small mindedness and other peoples bad opinions off!

The ONLY reason I got hit with this vision was because my heart was happy. When your heart is happy, you are able to tap into a source that is the loveliest and sweetest of experiences that life has to offer.


So, The Heather Yurko Brand was born. I have developed my new company that officially launches this upcoming Wednesday, March 4th with our Youtube show The PIP Stop. I will be traveling the US, speaking on PIPn love in and outside of the beauty industry. I am also working on online courses for hairdressers and salon owners to become more profitable and obtaining a culture that is #neatbeatstyle. (I am so frigging excited)


I will be sharing The PIP Stop with you guys every other week so you guys get a taste and if you like it enough, you can hop on over to The Heather Yurko Brands website (still under construction) and sign up for your weekly dose of The PIP Stop.r_G7Fqi4M-IurhDovJ1w1BCKIdW6V0I-F98db5yOhaU

Thanks for loving me and my crazy mind:)


PS. I put a link to Project Happy Hearts above! My girl Heidi, who I met in New York is doing some AMAZING things in California and across the country by connecting the world, one heart at a time! Through every purchase you make, they donate money to children with congenital heart disorders. Check out her site in the link above and follow her on instagram! @Project_HappyHearts and Project Happy Hearts on Facebook!



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    You are amazing and I am blessed to have you in my life. I love you!