Today I choose Joy

Today I choose Joy

Vulnerable beginnings are where magic begins and today Im writing my first blog EVER at the request of my incredible boss! There has always been a writer trapped somewhere inside of me with so many things I want to share. I’ve never had the opportunity to write publicly so here goes…


When thinking of the endless topics I could expand and dwell on, I kept going back to the very thing that makes me…well, Me. The world needs to know that there is an abundance of joy that awaits the people who want it! This is one very real lesson I have learned in my life. It has changed my world and I truly think it could change someone else’s. Happiness is not circumstantial, it is a choice. Joy is an outlook and mind set that we decide to have no matter the┬ásituation. Now there is such thing as denial but thats a topic for a whole other blog. Happiness and joy, through trial and mess, are key to finding yourself and finding your way through. Wherever you stand, whether you’re in heaven or going through hell, be the soul and smile of that place.

Without sharing my life story with hundreds of strangers, I will be the first to admit that trying to be happy while going through hell takes some heart! Life has its way of giving you everything you asked for and becoming the very thing that is wrong for you all at the same time. Crazy right?! . I have found 3 things that have helped me through tough times. It’s my hope that if not all 3, then one of these things will help you find genuine joy while in your mess.



Find somewhere, whether its along the coast or in the back country, get in your car, roll the windows down and drive. No destination needed and letting your thoughts all out is where its at. Nothing but total peace will be able to catch you and it’s definitely cheaper than therapy!


You have some of the most inimitable people in your life and they are your family. As crazy as they can seem, your family will ALWAYS be there. Put your annoyed expressions and attitudes aside, call your mom and tell her you love her! Family is like your very own team of predestined cheerleaders. Treasure them. Instant joy is guaranteed.



This may sound corny, but I have 2 To-Do lists that saved my life. Two years ago I sat down with an incredible man and we came up with a To-do list for me. I had no idea that something that seemed so simple and so sweet would have the grand impact that these lists did. There is power in knowing your limits and knowing when you want more. I knew that true love and happiness awaited the girl who finished those lists and there’s nothing like having a visual to remind you of your goals. Completed tasks and finished business leads to a world of opportunities!

You have to learn to truly be happy in your present to receive the blessings and changes your future holds. There is no way to reach the happiness of the future if you can’t learn to step back, love and be thankful for the present. Even if your present seems like hell, fight to find SOMETHING to be joyful about. Joy is contagious and will soon guide the way to a life of blessing and real happiness. Its a choice. Choose joy today and see how your tomorrow turns out.

-Rachel Denise


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  • Shawn Goot

    Beautiful! I definitely am a big proponent of drive therapy, just not when it’s -4 outside!!:)

  • yvonne

    Bravo! Bravo! Straight from the heart! This is where I love to be! in JOY!

  • Gail Oglesby

    Love this my future daughter-in-love. So happy you took those notes seriously. Love you bunches SunFlower!