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We are committed to our world class brand through neat hair, cool beats and PIP. Our Passion, Creativity and Skill are what drive us to be at the top in and outside of our community. We are nice, big picture thinkers who happen to dance…… really well. We are Neatbeat.

-Neatbeat Brigade

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Simply the best

  • All of the girls there are so lovely and really KNOW their stuff!! They really connect with you one on one to understand what it is you are wanting. The absolute best salon I have EVER been to!!

    Lindsey (she came all the way from Australia!)
  • From a man's perspective, Neatbeat is everything a salon should be. My mother worked for Aveda for many years so it may be the familiar aromas I'm partial to. Nontheless, Alexa always gives me a great cut, desirable company, and isn't scared to try new things.

  • I love how happy everyone at NeatBeat is. I never hear any negative chatter or even gossip, which is so refreshing for a salon. My hair always turns out amazing.

  • Danielle is amazing. She listens closely and remembers your preferences for the tiniest of things. I'm 27 and I've had 3 stylists who have done my hair regularly. One was the person my mother chose and I went to as a child. One was a friend who moved to another city, and the other is Danielle. Between those three people there were gaps of when I went from this place to that place and Neatbeat very well could have been one of those, But I was Lucky enough to have been placed with Danielle, and Neatbeat became my salon. Every time I come in, I hear about this event and that event that Neatbeat hosts to give back to the community, to have fun with the clientele, the awards and recognitions that the salon and its' stylists receive. As a patron, I play a very small part, but I'm glad to support artists like Danielle and the "Positively Impacting People" message of Neatbeat. My hair always looks fabulous, but more importantly, I leave feeling fabulous!

  • From the time you enter the door you feel welcomed and pampered! I was greeted warmly like arriving in someones home...offered something to drink. Once in the chair you receive a relaxing neck massage! Then on to the consultation...confirming what I want and any new ideas. Another favorite for me is going back to the shampoo bowl...not only do they wash my hair, but I get a scalp massage, warm eye mask, and hand massage!!! Once I get back to the chair that is when all that was discussed is put into action...then the best part...your have what you wanted...the finished product....haircut, style, and/or color...exceding my exceptations! Just an overall excellent experience! Great group of ladies...warm, friendly, encouraging, and fun!

  • My NeatBeat experience was nothing short of royal treatment!! All the ladies are super attentive to not only the clients but also each other. As soon as I entree the salon I felt welcomed and comfortable. My stylist Emily understood my hair worries and was able to turn around several years of poor hair services! I'm sooooo incredibly happy with the informative consultation and my revamped hair color!!! I've never before left any salon feeling completely content, satisfied and so pleased!!! Everyone at NeatBeat goes genuinely above & beyond for their guests! Everyone who gives this salon a chance will be thrilled and will leave feeling AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for truly caring NeatBeat!!! I can't wait for my next appointment :)

  • Love this place! I always look forward to my appointments and the comfort of knowing my hair will always turn out fabulous.

  • Danielle is AWESOME!! She did everything I asked her to do and I am so happy with the end result. Already looking forward to my next appointment. Definitely check Neatbeat out soon!!

  • From the atmosphere to the simple courtesies... this Aveda salon impresses from the time you walk through the door. Heather is professional and does great hair, but her sweet personality shines through in conversation and makes the experience so fun!! She motivates while doing great hair!! The treats are at every turn of your experience... Neck massage, hand massage, eye pillow, hot tea, snacks... all while listening to great music, eclectic conversations, and getting beautiful hair. I always leave feeling beautiful inside and out!!! Love my Neatbeat Brigade!!!!

    Jennifer F.
  • Great place with such wonderful & positive people! It is all about the clients! Thank you Danielle Martin, you’re the best!

  • The girls here know how to get it right with hair- I always leave more than satisfied! I've been seeing Danielle ever since they started in their small salon inside Sola Salons. They have now moved to this much larger location next to the Mussel & Burger Bar. I cannot gush enough how fabulous it is inside this salon! The atmosphere is nothing short of uplifting and exciting with it's inspirational touches and ultra feminine decor. This is an Aveda salon as well so I really enjoy that because their products are phenomenal. Danielle has perfected my ómbre and never lets me down :) all of the girls here are so sweet and definitely knowledgable on how to do great hair. If you want to feel fabulous during and after your hair appointment, Neatbeat is totally the place to go!

    Brittany N.
  • Always such a great experience!! Love my hair, love my stylist, love all the ladies!!! #ifyouarenotgettingyourhairdoneatneatbeatyouaremissingout

  • I couldn't ask for a better salon. All these wonderful ladies make every experience at NeatBeat wonderful. I got stopped at work multiple times about my hair. Women couldn't get over how amazing the shape/cut of my bob is. I recommended NeatBeat to them. I have been Heathers guest for 4 years and I'm never disappointed. I walk in and she knows exactly what to do, even when I change my look. NeatBeat has a warm and inviting charm. If you are wanting a new stylist or just a change you need to make an appointment with these wonderful women!

    Nicole W.

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